Course Timeline

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This flow chart is a recommended sequence for students to follow, but it is not a one-size fits all plan for all students. Students that have AP/IB credits, dual-enrollment/transfer credits will see the above plan shift as those courses are removed from their plan. The above plan also does not take into account summers which is when a lot of students take their core courses.

Program Requirements

Grade Policy for students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering


Course Category Minimum Required Grade
Core Courses (HIS, GOV, UGS 302/3, E 316, VAPA, Social Science D-
STEM Courses (Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, All ME and EM courses) C-
Career Gateway Electives D-
ME 266K and ME 266P D-
M 427L D-


Managing Your Degree Progress

  • Personal Degree Audit – All UT students have 24/7 access to the Interactive Degree Audit (IDA 2.0)
    • The audit system can be used to request audits for your current major or mock audits if you are considering transferring to a different major.
  • Meet with a Mechanical Engineering Advisor semesterly with questions or concerns with your degree progress


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I clear my hold?
  • All Mechanical Engineering students are required to meet with an advisor (appointment or drop-ins) or fill out a self-advising form to clear their advising hold.
  • Weekly emails are sent out containing semester specific information starting 4 weeks prior to registration starting.
When can I register?

Your Registration Information Sheet (RIS) will contain your personalized registration schedule. You will only have access on the days/times listed for your EID. Your schedule will not be the same as another student, so please confirm that you are viewing your sheet only.

Where do I find all the course options?

The course schedule will provide you the most up-to-date semester course options. Please make sure you are looking at the correct semester (Past semesters will still be accessible to view)

How do I q-drop/withdraw from class?
What is the pass/fail policy for courses?
  • You are allowed to change courses from a letter-grade to pass/fail only if the course is not needed to count towards your degree (core, flags, major, minor/certificate).
  • If a course needed to graduate is changed to pass/fail and you pass, the course will not count towards the degree requirement and you will have to retake it. Pass/fail courses that are passed with a D- or better, do not count towards your GPA since there is no letter-grade and a CR is recorded on your transcript.
  • Pass/fail courses that are failed with a F, count negatively towards your GPA and the letter-grade of F will be recorded on your transcript.
When is a course repetition appeal required?

Students are required to submit a course repetition appeal whenever a course is being taken for a 3rd or more attempt. Appeals are reviewed by the Academic Advising Coordinator for your major. If the appeal is not approved, you will no longer be allowed to continue with your degree and you will receive assistance with finding a new major to transfer to.