The integrated degree program results in simultaneously awarding a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) and a Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree. The objective of the Integrated BSME/MSE Program is to enable prepared undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering to earn two degrees in a shortened time period. By applying AP and Credit by Exam courses, having students take recommended summer courses, and allowing seniors to enroll in graduate-level engineering courses reserved for graduate credit, the program enables graduates to complete both degree requirements in five years.


Current undergraduate mechanical engineering students may begin the application process to the Integrated BSME/MSE Program option in the semester before they plan to enroll in M E 366J: Mechanical Engineering Design Methodology. Admission includes the two steps outlined below. Undergraduate students not in the mechanical engineering major are not eligible to apply. It is expected that all students selected for the program in Step 1 and have been successful in their first graduate-level coursework will be selected for admission in Step 2. Successful completion will be evaluated and determined by the department’s Domestic Graduate Admission Committee and the graduate adviser. 

Step 1: Departmental Application

Students complete the first step in application for admission to the Integrated BSME/MSE Program in the semester before they plan to enroll in M E 366J: Mechanical Engineering Design Methodology. The Step 1 application is internal through the department and includes a resume, statement of purpose, and one letter of recommendation. Qualified applicants will be selected based on the applicant’s progress to degree completion, grade point average, and other qualifications included in the application materials. Selected students will be notified prior to the start of the next semester of their admission status for the integrated program, allowing them to meet with an academic adviser to plan graduate coursework during their remaining undergraduate semesters.  

Step 2: Office of Graduate Admissions

Students complete the second step in the application by either October 1 (for spring entry into full-time graduate studies) or December 1 (for fall or summer entry into full-time graduate studies). The Step 2 application is formal through the Office of Graduate Admissions (OGA). Admission to the integrated program will be based on a review of the applicant’s undergraduate record and GPA, GRE scores (if required), performance in graduate coursework, letters of recommendation, personal statement, TOEFL score (if required), and research experience.

If a student in their fourth year is taking graduate courses and would be on track to complete the integrated program but did not apply in their third year through Step 1, they may apply by completing Steps 1 and 2 together. These students will be evaluated for admission on the same criteria.

Degree Requirements 

In order for integrated program students to complete both the BSME and MSE degrees in five years, the department waives six semester credit hours of technical area electives in lieu of six hours of graduate engineering coursework reserved for graduate credit taken in the fourth year. This reduces the total BSME degree requirements for integrated program students from 126 to 120 hours.

Students in the integrated program complete up to 12 hours of graduate coursework in their fourth year and 18-24 hours of graduate coursework in their time as full-time graduate students to complete a total of 30-36 hours of graduate coursework for the MSE degree as described in the Graduate Catalog. Students have the option of choosing the coursework, report, or thesis option for the MSE degree as described in the Graduate Catalog. The selected degree option determines the number of hours required to graduate with the MSE degree. Courses the student takes will be determined with the graduate adviser and academic adviser to ensure compliance with degree requirements and to meet the students’ career goals.

Students unable to successfully complete the integrated program, or who wish to terminate pursuit of the MSE for any reason, may obtain a BSME degree by applying for a change of major back to the standalone BSME program and satisfying all of the requirements for the standalone degree. Six hours of the graduate courses taken in the fourth year may count toward the 12 hours of CGEs required to complete the entire 126 hours requirements. An undergraduate student leaving the integrated program will be on a trajectory to graduate with the regular BSME degree in the same timeframe prior to admission to the integrated program.

Graduates of the integrated program will receive the BSME and MSE degrees simultaneously after successfully completing the 120 hours for the BSME and 30-36 hours for the MSE, a total of 150-156 hours. Ideally students in this program will graduate with both degrees in a total of five years.


Once admitted, students will be advised each semester by the graduate adviser and an academic adviser to complete coursework required for the BSME degree in their fourth year, and completion of the coursework required for the MSE degree in their fourth and fifth years. Information regarding the integrated program requirements and policies may be obtained from the ME Academic Advising Office. Interested students can email Kelly Frazer for more information about the program: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..