Accommodations are provided on an individual basis in order to address the barriers that impact a student’s ability to learn, participate and perform in the educational environment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What types of accommodations can I receive?

Classroom accommodations, exam accommodations, course load reduction, priority registration, etc.

Will my professors be notified that I am receiving accommodations?

No, faculty are not automatically notified to protect the student’s privacy. Letters are provided by the D&A Office that a student can share with those they feel need to know the information.

Do I have to request accommodations each semester?

Yes, students will need to request letters each semester to ensure their current professors are aware.

How soon should I notify my professors?

It is best to notify them as soon as you receive approval for accommodations. This allows time for professors to make any changes that need to occur in the classroom. It also allows them to plan ahead for exam accommodations.

What are my options if the professor is unable to provide exam accommodations during class time?

Students can request space to take an exam in the Campus Testing Center. The professor will have to confirm this request.