Students are allowed to take courses at other colleges/universities during the summer terms to complete degree requirements. Core courses are the most common courses that students will take elsewhere. For students seeking to take courses at other Texas institutions, the Automated Transfer Equivalency System (ATE) will tell you if the course you are planning to take will count at UT for the course you are seeking credit for. For out of state equivalencies, students must submit a request with the Undergraduate Admissions Office and await a response. Equivalency must be determined PRIOR to enrolling in the course at the other institution to avoid errors in enrollment.

Common Transferred Courses (subject to change)

  • Government – GOVT 2305 and/or GOVT 2306 (taking both of these courses elsewhere will complete your required 6 hours of GOV requirement. Only taking 1 (2305 or 2306) will require you to take GOV 310L at UT to complete the requirement.)
  • HIST 1301 – HIS 315K
  • HIST 1302 – HIS 315L
  • ENGL 1301 – RHE 306
  • ENGL 2332 – E 316N (Work Literature)
  • ENGL 2322 – E 316L (British Literature)
  • ENGL 2327 – E 316M (American Literature)
  • ENGR 2302 – EM 311M/ME 314D (SUMMER TERM ONLY)
    • The ME department will allow students to substitute ME 314D with EM 311M only if taken during the summer or if the student transfers into ME with the credit.
    • If EM 311M is taken at UT Austin, it is automatically approved
    • If EM 311M is taken at another institution, the course must be evaluated by faculty prior to enrolling in the course (submit the syllabus for the semester you plan to take the course to the Academic Advising Coordinator).

For ME courses that do not show up in the ATE system will need to be evaluated by faculty PRIOR to enrolling in the course at another institution. To have a course evaluated, please submit the course syllabus for the semester that you plan to take the course to the Academic Advising Coordinator. You will be notified of a decision once one has been determined.

  • Please allow at least a week to hear back about a course equivalency since these are evaluated by faculty members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do all transfer credits count towards the ME degree plan?

No, you will need to make sure the course transfers to UT Austin as the EXACT course number for the course you are wanting to receive.

How do I transfer credits to UT Austin?

Students will need to request to have an official transcript sent directly from the college the course was taken at to the UT Austin Admissions Office.

How do I know when the credit has been transferred?

You can check your degree audit to see what courses are counting towards your degree. If the course you transferred was confirmed in the ATE system as the course number that would've been taken at UT, then audit will automatically count it.