For students who are interested in doing an internship or co-op during their time at UT, can utilize the Engineering Career Assistance Center database to find what is currently available to students. This is not the only way to find these opportunities, students may seek them independently through their own research or even seek opportunities at the semesterly Career EXPO


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I need to do once I learn that I have received an internship/co-op opportunity?
  • If it is a summer opportunity, you do not need to do another other than enjoy the opportunity and make the most of the experience.
  • If it is a fall/spring opportunity, you will need to drop all your classes and resume classes at the conclusion of the internship/co-op.
Can I take classes while I am doing an internship/co-op?
  • The ME department strongly recommends against taking classes while also doing an internship/co-op. These opportunities are full-time jobs that usually happen during normal business hours (8am-5pm). This is also when classes are happening as well and classes are in-person.
  • There have been some students who took online asynchronous core requirements (GOV 310L) at the same time since they could do their assignments after their workday.
How does doing an internship/co-op affect me graduating?

Since you will not be taking ME courses that help you advance in your degree at the same time as your internship/co-op, you will be delaying your graduation by the number of semesters you are away.

Will I still be considered a student while doing an internship/co-op?
When should I start trying to find internship/co-ops?

Students can start looking into internship/co-op opportunities as early as their first semester at UT by attending the Fall Career Expo. ME students usually do internships/co-ops their second summer in college.