two students looking at and holding robot arm

Robotics and intelligent machines are emerging as prime technologies that can provide a wide range of innovative solutions in healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and in space and defense applications. Due to fundamental advances across multiple disciplines, such technologies are poised to see a huge growth in the coming years, both in research and application.

Faculty members in the robotics and intelligent mechanical systems research area in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering are at the forefront of developing and testing intelligent systems that work efficiently and seamlessly around humans. We have particularly strong expertise in mechanical design of the intelligent systems (including the use of novel materials and manufacturing), controls, diagnostics and human-machine interactions. We innovate and advance mechanical hardware, mechatronics, control systems and software for safe and effective operations of the intelligent systems in close collaboration with the user. We test the intelligent machines in multiple areas, including in hospitals, in manufacturing facilities, in oil fields and in space.


Core Courses and Electives in Robotics Certificate Program

Core Courses and Electives in Mechatronics Certificate Program