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To be eligible for graduate study in mechanical engineering, students must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  • Have a minimum 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) grade point average (GPA) in junior- and senior-level work and in any graduate work already completed.
  • Hold a bachelor of science degree in physical sciences (chemistry, physics) or in an engineering discipline from an accredited institution.
  • Have completed GRE - (optional for 2023 cycle)
  • TOEFL or IELTS (international students only)
  • Submit official transcripts from previous colleges or universities
  • Statement of Purpose - Make sure you upload your Statement of Purpose and Resume (or CV) when you come to those sections on the application. Your Statement of Purpose should be a summary of your academic and professional goals, as well as a description of the research work you have done in your past, and what research work you plan to do as a graduate student at UT. Please make sure these documents are edited to your liking before you upload them, for they cannot be deleted once they have been uploaded to your application.
  • Three Letters of Recommendation - Make sure you enter the valid e-mail address of each referee you want to submit a recommendation for you when you get to that section on the application. Please use the university domain address for each professor you are requesting a reference. Once you have completed this section of the application, a notice will be sent to each referee showing them where to go to complete a recommendation for you using our online system. Three is only the minimum number of recommendations required to accompany your application. You are welcome to add more.


Fall Semester

Domestic Students: ALL materials are due by December 15th.

International Students: ALL materials are due by December 15th. Because the availability of testing centers is sparse in some regions of the world, we accept official TOEFL/IELTS & GRE scores until January 15. This means they must be submitted by then, not that you can take your exam until January 15. 

Spring Semester

Domestic & International Students: ALL materials are due by October 1st. Note that we rarely grant admission in the spring semester.

Because of the highly competitive nature of our program we do not accept late materials. Please plan accordingly and begin your application well before the deadline.


Due to the high volume of applications and questions we receive, we ask that you please check this page for answers to your questions prior to contacting the ME/OR Admissions Office.

General Program Questions

How many credit hours are required to graduate?
  • Masters
    • Thesis option requires 30 credit hours (24 coursework hours + 6 thesis hours)
    • Report option requires 33 credit hours (30 hours of coursework + 3 report hours)
    • Coursework option requires 36 credit hours of coursework
  • Doctorate: The number of hours required to receive a Ph.D. vary based on the program that a student's dissertation committee decides on. In addition to research and dissertation credits, a Ph.D. program of work should include at least eighteen hours (6 classes) of graduate coursework in the area of specialization for students with a master's degree or thirty-six hours (12 classes) of graduate coursework in the area of specialization for students without a master's.
  • For more information of the degree requirements refer to our Degree Information page
What is the required coursework for the ME Program?

Masters: A minimum of six required courses should be taken in your major study area. The rest can be supporting courses in closely related areas or from other departments. Certain areas have specific required courses. Please consult the Graduate Areas of Study webpage.

Doctorate: Determined by the student's supervisor and supervising committee.

For more information on course schedule, please review the University of Texas Course Schedule.

Where can I find information about the ME Faculty?

View our Faculty Directory.

Where can I find information about minimum GRE and TOEFL (international students only) scores?

For information about GRE and TOEFL scores and waivers, visit the Graduate School Website.

There is no minimum GRE score required by ME and we do not require any special subject tests.

Average GRE scores for recently admitted ME graduate students:

  • GRE V: 590 (GRE General Test) 159 (Revised GRE Test)
  • GRE Q: 770 (GRE General Test) 163 (Revised GRE Test)

Average GRE scores for recently admitted ORIE graduate students:

  • GRE V: 570 (GRE General Test) 160 (Revised GRE Test)
  • GRE Q: 770 (GRE General Test) 163 (Revised GRE Test)

Preferred TOEFL for ME/ORIE department: 90 or above on (iBT)

Average TOEFL score for ME/ORIE admits: 106 (iBT)

How many letters of recommendation are required?

We require three (3) letters of recommendation for your application. Please be mindful that all letters must be submitted via the application portal, so emailed or mailed letters will not be accepted.

Can I apply for my second masters or doctorate in a similar field with your program?

No. We do not admit students who already have a degree in a similar field for a second degree. Master's students interested in a Ph.D. are welcome, but students seeking a second Master's or a second Ph.D. who already hold that degree in a similar field (e.g., metallurgy, materials, ceramics, polymers, etc.) should not apply.

How many students are admitted to the ME graduate program each year?

200-230 students based on many factors including but not limited to faculty availability, quality of applicants, and funding.

We do not have a set number or percentage of domestic or international students that we admit.

Is the GRE required for admission into the ORIE program?

Yes, you are required to take the GRE for admission into the ORIE graduate program