Robots are multipurpose devices equipped with sensors, actuators and controllers, and with a high level of dexterity or/and mobility. They can perform one or more of the following actions: execute dexterous tasks, assist and interact with humans, implement autonomous or semi-autonomous behaviors, mimic the behavior of biological systems, and process and manipulate data. Applications for robotics is wide-spread, ranging from manufacturing to medical field to space missions. Students completing the program will be equipped with the basic knowledge and practical skills for initiating careers in the robotics and automation industry, which is rapidly growing, and for graduate studies in robotics.

Faculty Advisor: See Academic Advising Office

Core Courses (choose two)

ME 396D Decision and Control of Human Centered Robots
ME 379M Robot Mechanism Design
ME 396P Application Programming for Engineers

Additional Courses (choose one)

ME 364L Automatic Control System Design
ME 348D Introduction to Mechatronics II
ME 379M Robotic Vehicle Systems
ME 379M Intermediate Dynamics
ME 372J Robotics and Automation

Required Project Class

ME 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering

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