Today, we face the grand challenge of meeting the energy needs of a growing population while minimizing the adverse effects of these technologies on the environment. The Sustainable Energy Systems certificate program is designed to provide students with the tools and experience to conduct system level analysis of conventional as well as alternative energy technologies while broadening their perspective on economic and environmental sustainability.

Faculty Advisor: Dongmei "Maggie" Chen, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Industry Applicability

  • Control Engineer working to develop algorithms and establish software platforms to achieve desired dynamic system operation for products and processes
  • Analyst working to develop computational models to understand the dynamics of system or process and perform model reduction for real-time controller and observer design¬†¬†
  • System Engineer working to ensure the developed system or product achieves its

Required Course

M E 343 Thermal Fluid Systems

Electives (choose two)


ARE 346P HVAC Design
C E 341 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
M E 337C Introduction to Nuclear Power Systems
M E 337F Nuclear Environmental Protection
M E 366P Concepts in Nuclear/Radiation Engineering
M E 374C Combustion Engine Processes
M E 379M Energy, Technology and Policy
M E 379M Nanotechnology for Sustainable Energy
M E 379M Racecar Engineering and Project Management
Relevant course approved by the certificate advisor

Graduate (may be taken with instructor approval)

C E 397 Energy Simulation in Building Design
C E 397 Renewable Energy and Environmental Sustainability
M E 381R Topic 3, Radiation Heat Transfer
M E 384Q.4 Energy Technology and Policy
M E 388D Nuclear Reactor Theory I
M E 388N Design of Nuclear Systems

Required Project Class (choose one)

M E 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering
ME 397P Projects in Mechanical Engineering

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