The objective of the Management Science and Engineering certificate program is to give students a cohesive specialization in the areas of operations research, industrial engineering, and management science. Students who complete the certificate will be well prepared to enter the workforce or graduate school in this area.

Faculty Advisor: J. Eric Bickel, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Required Courses

ORI 390R.17: Decision Analysis
M E 366L Operations Research Models

Electives (choose one)

ORI 390R 1-Applied Probability
M E 367S Simulation Modeling
SSC 358 Topic: Simulation Modeling
M E 373K Basic Industrial Engineering
M E 375K Production Engineering Management
M E 337G Nuclear Safety and Security (cross-listed as ORI 397)

Project Class (choose one)

M E 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering
M E 397P Projects in Mechanical Engineering

For course descriptions visit the University Catalog.