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Photo of Goodarzi, Shadi
Office Location: ETC 5.110

Shadi Goodarzi

Research Assistant Professor

Dr. Shadi Goodarzi joined the faculty of Operations Research & Industrial Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin in 2019. Before joining UT, she was an Assitant Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at the Mihaylo College of Business and Economics, California State University, Fullerton. She received her Ph.D. in Operations and Supply Chain Management from HEC Paris School of Business in 2016. 

Dr. Goodarzi holds a B.Sc. degree (2009) in Petroleum Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) and an M.Sc. degree (2011) in Project and Program Management and Business Development from SKEMA Business School.

Her current research interests are Sustainable Operations Management, Renewable Energy and Environmental Policy, and Energy Economics, where she applies a combination of mathematical modeling, statistical and analytical techniques such as game theory, optimization, data analysis, and forecasting.

Recent Publications

  1. Siqiang Guo, Manjeet Singh, Shadi Goodarzi*. “Enhance picking Viability in Ecommerce Warehouses Under Pandemic”, International Journal of Production Research,(2022), 1-20.
  2. Yu-Xiang Yang, Shadi Goodarzi*, Ali Bozorgi, Behnam Fahimnia.“Carbon cap-and-trade schemes in closed-loop supply chains: Why firms do not comply?”, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review, 156 (2021), 102486.
  3. Shadi Goodarzi*, Andrea Masini, Sam Aflaki, and Behnam Fahimnia. “Right Information at the Right Time: Reevaluating the Attitude Behavior Gap in Environmental Technology Adoption.” International Journal of Production Economics (2021): 108278.
  4. Yu-Xiang Yang, Shadi Goodarzi*, Armin Jabbarzadeh, Behnam Fahimnia.“In house Production and Outsourcing Under Different Emissions Reduction Regulations: An Equilibrium Decision Model for Global Supply Chains”, Transportation Research Part E: Logistics and Transportation Review (September 2021), 102446.
  5. Shadi Goodarzi, Sam Afaki, Andrea Masini. Optimal Feed-In Tariff Policies: The Impact of Market Structure and Technology Characteristics, Production and Operations Management (2018). (Finalist of INFORMS PSOR 2015 Best Student Paper Competition)
  6. Shadi Goodarzi, Niles Perera, Derek Bunn. The impact of renewable energy forecast errors on imbalance volumes and electricity spot prices, Energy Policy 134 (2019): 110827.
  7. Shadi Goodarzi, Behnam Fahimnia, Joseph Sarkis. Sustainable Supply Chain Management and Carbon Emissions, Handbook on the Sustainable Supply Chain, March 2019, ISBN: 978 1 78643 426 5.