Conny Egozi, a Ph.D. graduate student in the Nuclear and Radiation Engineering Program in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, received an award to present her paper at the International Atomic Energy Agency Symposium on International Safeguards.

Conny Egozi with award

Egozi was one of three winners out of 40 International students chosen to present her paper "Characterization of Plutonium-239 with Prompt Gamma Activation Analysis for Materials Accountability" at the IAEA International Safeguards Symposium in Vienna, Austria.

“It was an honor to present Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering research at the IAEA International Safeguards Symposium. Working with the NETL staff and my PhD advisors, Sheldon Landsberger and William Charlton, was a pleasure and I would like to thank them for their mentorship to my paper winning the Student Paper Competition,” said Egozi.