Michael Haberman Wins DARPA Young Faculty Award

April 14, 2022

Michael Haberman, Assistant Professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Applied Research Laboratories at UT Austin, was selected for the 2021 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Young Faculty Award. 


The objective of the DARPA Young Faculty Award program is to identify and engage rising stars in junior research positions, and expose them to Department of Defense (DoD) needs and DARPA’s program development process. Haberman works in the field of Acoustics and his proposed research project is entitled ‘Acoustic and Vibration Sensing Metamaterials Enabled by Electro Momentum Coupling’. The primary objective of this research is to create a new class of materials, known as electro-momentum couple metamaterials, and use them to increase the capability to sense acoustic and elastic waves. If successful, this research will open the door to the creation of an entirely new class of acoustic and elastic wave sensing materials to address longstanding DoD challenges.

The YFA program provides funding, mentoring and industry and DoD contacts to awardees early in their careers so they may develop their research ideas in the context of national security needs. The long term goal of the YFA program is to develop the next generation of academic scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who will focus a significant portion of their career on DoD and National Security issues. There are over 30 YFA winners for 2021 spanning a variety of research areas.