2022 Create-a-thon Winners

April 14, 2022

Last weekend the Undergraduate Advisory Board for Mechanical Engineering hosted a two-day Create-a-thon event.

Eight student groups from across all majors came together in the Texas Inventionworks studios to design and build their own engineering project. Teams submitted design proposals and then had only 16 hours to build their design.

Winners were selected in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as Most Entrepreneurial and Most Aesthetic. Judges included experts in the field of design and mechanical engineering - Dr. Richard Crawford, Professor in the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering, Manu Gorrepati, Chief of Staff for Genesis, and Brooks Protzmann, Design Program Director at IBM. 

The 1st place winners, who received a grant of $500, were The Tree Lighters (pictured below). Mechanical Engineering students Jaclyn Chiou and Kate Whitmire joined Electrical Engineering student Daisy Prince to create a unique tree lamp with moving butterflies. The group wanted to intertwine their love of art and engineering while also creating something functional.

tree lighters

tree lighters 2