Rosetta Commons Summer Internship

The Rosetta Commons is offering summer internships and post-baccalaureate fellowships for training in computational biomolecular structure and design. 

Research topics span biomolecular engineering from design of PROTACs, antibody therapeutics, nanoparticles, vaccines, and materials to development of new methods using physics, chemistry and machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence. Participants will be integrated into our multidisciplinary collaborative research community. 

Undergraduate summer internships: The Rosetta Commons is offering paid summer research internships to undergraduates interested in research in biomolecular structure prediction and design.  The summer includes a one-week Code School, eight weeks of hands-on research in one of the Rosetta labs, and attendance and poster presentations at the Rosetta Conference.  Full financial support is provided through an NSF REU grant and Rosetta licensing funds.  Research projects span methods development in biomolecular design and applications from cancer and biofuels to drug and vaccine design.  A few interns will be placed internationally (Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Belgium) and a few will be placed at industry sites (Merck). 

Post-baccalaureate fellowships: We offer year-long, paid fellowships for recent graduates to gain research experience in biomolecular structure prediction and design in preparation for PhD study. The program includes a one-week Code School, a year of research in a Rosetta lab, mentoring and professional development, and attendance and poster presentations at the summer and/or winter Rosetta Conference. Full financial support is provided from Rosetta licensing funds. Projects topics range from deep learning and use of high-throughput data to design of enzymes, RNA, and tunable protein structures. 

Applications open now, deadline February 1.  

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