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Erich Schneider

Professor in Practice

Phone: (512) 232-5412
Office: ETC 7.154

Dr. Erich Schneider earned his Ph.D. in theoretical and applied mechanics from Cornell University in 2002. He joined the faculty of The University of Texas at Austin in 2006. Dr. Schneider is affiliated with the Nuclear Radiation Engineering Program.

Prior to joining the UT-Austin faculty, he was a Technical Staff Member in the Decision Applications Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory. His research interests include computational nuclear reactor theory, nuclear reactor and fuel cycle systems analysis, and radiation detection, specifically for nonproliferation applications. He is PI or Co-Investigator on grants from the Department of Energy (Nuclear Energy Research Initiative, GNEP Readiness, Junior Faculty Award Program), National Science Foundation / Defense Nuclear Detection Office (Academic Research Initiative), and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. He maintains a consultant agreement with Los Alamos where he continues to pursue nonproliferation-related research. His students have conducted research at Los Alamos, Sandia, Oak Ridge and Idaho National Laboratories.

Selected Publications

  1. Thoreson, G. G. and E. A. Schneider, "Efficient Calculation of Detection Probabilities", Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A, Vol. 615, (2010), pp. 313-325
  2. Thoreson, G. and E. Schneider, "The Application of High Energy Resolution Green’s Functions to Threat Scenario Simulation", IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 59, (2012), 2, pp. 389-402

Most Recent Publications

  1. Kim, J., Tsouris, C., Oyola, Y., Janke, C. J., Mayes, R. T., Dai, S., Gill, G., Kuo, L., Wood, J., Choe, K., Schneider, E. A. and H. Lindner, “Uptake of Uranium from Seawater by Amidoxime-Based Polymeric Adsorbent: Field Experiments, Modeling and Updated Economic Assessment,” Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 14, 6076–6083, March (2014).
  2. Van der Hoeven, C., Schneider, E. A. and L. Leal, “Generation of Improved Isotopic Molybdenum Covariances from Elemental Cross Section Data Using SAMMY,” Nuclear Science and Engineering 179, 1-21, January (2015).
  3. Thoreson, G. G., Schneider, E. A., Armstrong, H. A. and C. van der Hoeven, “The Application of Neutron Transport Green’s Functions to Threat Scenario Simulation,” IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 62, 1, 236-249, February (2015).
  4. Lindner, H. and E. A. Schneider, “Review of Cost Estimates for Uranium Recovery from Seawater,” Energy Economics, 49, 9-22, May (2015).
  5. Gurecky, W. L., Schneider E. A. and D. Ballew, “Reduced Order Modeling of Flashing Two-phase Jets,” Nuclear Engineering and Design, 294, 1, 60-72, December (2015).
  6. Ward, R. M. and E. A. Schneider, “A Game Theoretic Approach to Safeguards Selection and Optimization,” Science and Global Security, 24, 1, 3-21, February (2016).
  7. Huff, K.D., Gidden, M. J., Carlsen, R. W., Flanagan, R. R., McGarry, M. B., Opotowsky, A. C., Schneider, E. A., Scopatz, A. M. and P. P. Wilson, “Fundamental Concepts in the Cyclus Fuel Cycle Simulator Framework,” Advances in Engineering Software, 94, 46-59, April (2016).
  8. Phathanapirom, U. B. and E. A. Schneider, “Nuclear Fuel Cycle Transition Analysis Under Uncertainty,” Nuclear Science and Engineering, invited contribution, 182, 4, 502-522, April (2016).
  9. Phathanapirom, U. B. and E. A. Schneider, “Transitioning Nuclear Fuel Cycles with Uncertain Fast Reactor Costs,” Nuclear Engineering and Design, published online April 7 (2016).
  10. Van der Hoeven, C., Montgomery, M., Sablan, G., Schneider, E. A. and C. Torres-Verdin, “Gadolinium Tracers for Enhancement of Sigma Log Contrast and Fluid Density Measurement,” Geophysics, accepted (September 2016).
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