Photo of Ezekoye, Ofodike

Ofodike Ezekoye


W. R. Woolrich Professorship in Engineering, Cockrell Family Dean's Chair in Engineering Excellence, Banks McLaurin Fellowship in Engineering 

Phone: (512) 471-3085
Office: ETC 7.130

Dr. Ofodike Ezekoye is an expert in combustion and heat transfer in high temperature and reacting systems such as combustion engines, furnaces, and structure fires. In recent years he has been a pi or co-pi on funded research from the Department of Commerce, AFOSR, and DOE. He has published over 200 journal and conference papers in heat transfer and combustion. His research covers a range of applications from fundamentals of combustion systems to scientific support of the fire service in developing fire fighting tactics.

Most Recent Publications

  1. Overholt, K.J., and Ezekoye, O.A., "Characterizing heat release rates using an inverse fire modeling technique," Fire Technology, Vol. V. 48, (2012), 4, pp. 893-909
  2. Mladenka, S, Romero, W, Yeldell, C, Ezekoye, OA, Cournoyer, ME, "Chemical hood glass failure under thermal loading associated with fire," Journal Of Chemical Health And Safety, (2012)
  3. Marr, K.C., Ezekoye, O.A., and Clemens, N.T, "Mixing Characteristics and Emissions of Acoustically-Forced Non-Premixed and Partially-Premixed Jet Flames in Crossflow," Combustion And Flame, Vol. 59, (2012), pp. 707 - 721
  4. Gamba,M., Clemens, NT, and Ezekoye, OA, "Volumetric PIV and 2D OH PLIF Imaging in the Far-Field of a Low-Reynolds Number Nonpremixed Jet Flame," Measurement Science And Technology, (2012)
  5. Cabrera, J. Kurzawski, A. Koopersmith, M. Overholt, K.J. Ezekoye O.A., "Characterization of fuel properties and fire spread rates for little bluestem grass," Fire Technology , (2012)
  6. Bruns, M.C. and Ezekoye, O.A., "Development of a hybrid sectional quadrature-based moment method for solving population balance equations," Journal Of Aerosol Science, Vol. Volume 54,, (2012), pp. 88-102
  7. Barr, B.W. and Ezekoye, O.A., "Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Brand Breakage on a Fractal Tree for Brand Lofting Predictions," The Combustion Institute, (2012)
  8. Anderson, A. and Ezekoye, O.A., "A Comparative Study Assessing Factors that Influence Home Fire Casualties and Fatalities using State Fire Incident Data," J. SFPE , (2012)
  9. Uday B. Godse, Mikko Ponkala, John Stuber, Bassam Elkhatib, and Ofodike A. Ezekoye, "Characterization of mass transfer rates and contamination kinetics on silicon wafer surface," IEEE Transactions Of Semiconductor Manufacturing, (2012)
  10. Upadhyay, R.R., Miyoki, K., Marschal, J., Ezekoye, O.A., "Uncertainty quantification of a graphite nitridation experiment using a Bayesian approach," Experimental Thermal And Fluid Science, Vol. 35, (2011), pp. 1588-1599
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