Cassandra Telenko

Main research topic:

Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing


Current research work:

  • Assessing the energy-use of selective laser sintering

  • Energy life cycle inventory (LCI) of manufacturing and part-weight reduction for automotive applications

  • Stochastic LCI  methods

  • Integrating uncertainty and variability of consumer behavior into LCIs


Previous research work:

  • Creation of a comprehensive list of existing design principles

  • Creating a method for discovering green design principles

  • Reverse engineering of consumer products to inductively find green principles of design



Journal Papers

Telenko, C and Carolyn Seepersad, 2010, "A Methodology for Identifying Environmentally Conscious Guidelines for Product Design", ASME Journal of Mechanical Design, Vol. 132, Issue 9.

Refereed Conference Papers

Telenko, C., C. C. Seepersad and M. E. Webber, 2008, "A Compilation of Design for Environment Principles and Guidelines," ASME DETC Design for Manufacturing and the Lifecycle Conference, Brooklyn, New York. Paper Number: DETC2008-49651.  

Telenko, C., C. C. Seepersad and M. E. Webber, 2009, "A Method for Developing Design for Environment Guidelines for Future Product Design," ASME IDETC Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Conference, San Diego, CA, Paper Number: DETC2009-87389.

Durand, J., Telenko, C., and C. C. Seepersad, 2010, "How Does Modularity Affect Green Design?" ASME IDETC Design for Manufacturing and the Life Cycle Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Paper Number: DETC2010-28760

Conference Papers

Telenko, C., and C. C. Seepersad, 2010, "Assessing Energy Requirements and Material Flows of Selective Laser Sintering of Nylon Parts" Proceedings of the 2010 Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium, Austin, TX.


Telenko, C. "Design for Environment: Guidelines for Future Product Design" University of Texas Campus Sustainability Symposium, September 10, 2010, Austin, TX.


Telenko, C., M. Nippert, C. C. Seepersad and M. E. Webber, 2008, "Symposium of Sustainable Design: Greening the Technology Industry," Conference Report, UK Trade & Investment, Austin Technology Council.


Graduate courses taken:

Energy and Sustainability

  • Design for Environment

  • Energy Technology and Policy

  • Advanced Thermodynamics (H. B. Callen text)


Product Design

  • Engineering Design Theory and Mathematical Techniques

  • Solid Freeform Fabrication


Mathematical Methods

  • Statistical Methods in Manufacturing

  • Engineering Analysis: Analytical Methods

  • Design of Complex Engineering Systems

  • Design Optimization & Automation


Other Engineering Courses

  • Mechanical Behavior of Materials

  • Dynamics of Mechanical Systems (Newton, Hamilton, Lagrange, Kane methods)

  • Modeling of Physical Systems (Bond Graphs)



Workshop participation:




M.S.E.  Mechanical Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin, 2009


B.E. Mechanical Engineering
The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 2007


Contact info: