Student groups are an important part of the community in mechanical engineering, providing opportunities outside the classroom for students to make new connections, discover and develop their individual skills and abilities, learn from their peers and interact with alumni and corporate representatives. And with more than 80 student groups across the Cockrell School, there is something for everyone.

Longhorn Maker Studio

maker studio

Join the maker community at the Cockrell School and check out the Longhorn Maker Studio! Located on the ground floor of the mechanical engineering building, the Longhorn Maker Studio is outfitted with 3-D printers and scanners, laser cutters, sewing machines, machines for fabricating electronic circuit boards and many other tools. It is open to all engineering students.

For a list of all Texas Engineering student organizations, visit Engineering Student Life.

Undergraduate Advisory Board

The ME Undergraduate Advisory Board (UAB) is a group of 14 undergraduate students working to facilitate better two-way communication between the students and the department regarding the ME student experience.

The current board is split into three committees, shown below. Committee leaders' names are linked to their email addresses. 

The UAB is currently working on an array of projects, including:

  • Establishing an annual “Buildathon” competition for students sponsored by department
  • Incorporating bias-busting into curriculum
  • Updating ETC facilities to better suit student needs
  • Integrating more programming into course curriculum to prepare students for a tech-focused workplace
  • Increasing visibility and accessibility of advisors to undergraduates
  • Establishing dedicated space for student organization projects and storage

The UAB has completed the following projects:  

  • Implemented a five-year combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree program for incoming undergraduates
  • Remodeled the ETC study space to more efficiently serve students
  • Improved the predictability of Career Gateway Electives for the Bridges to the Future Certificate Program

Organizations Specific to Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Students

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