Mobile Mount for Semi-Ruggedized Notebooks

Photo of Ibrahim Mohedas, Kari Olson, Brian Robinson Students: Ibrahim Mohedas, Kari Olson, Brian Robinson

Sponsor: Dell

Date: Fall 2010

The mount must utilize Dell's current electromechanical docking system and must connect to a universal VESA mount that is compatible with many vehicle arms on the market. The mount must also pass military and Dell standards for shock and vibration. The mounting solution must be competitive in performance and cost with current vehicle notebook mounts on the market.

Dell desires a vehicle mount for their semi-ruggedized, commercial notebook line, the All-Terrain Grade Latitude Series. The primary market is service vehicles including police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.

Shock and vibration tests were performed at Dell laboratories in Rock Round, TX. The test showed that the plastic hook covers in the Dell E-Series electronic dock interface were failure points. Finite element analysis was used to find a new hook cover material. The hook covers were redesigned to pass the shock and vibration tests. Zinc hook covers with back constraints and front hooks that come over the top of the notebook did not fail. The team created a mechanism that uses a cam action knob and a constant force spring to be adjustable in the fore-aft and vertical directions. The cam attached to the knob lifts the hooks and is connected to a shaft that moves the front half of the notebook fore and aft. Therefore, the mount is adjustable to 13" to 15" Dell Latitude semi-ruggedized notebooks. The solution is estimated to cost well under the current market competition

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