Development of a Proof-of-Concept Model for an Exhaust Gas Reuse Internal Combustion Engine

Photo of Evan Segal, Jarrett Threlkeld, and Steven Zamora Students: Evan Segal, Jarrett Threlkeld, and Steven Zamora

Sponsor: Ron Voisin Consulting

Date: Fall 2009

The team was required to determine an appropriate cylinder displacement ratio, mate and synchronize the engine crank shafts, design a shaft work measurement system, design and build a test stand, and implement a water injection system. Constraints for this project included minimize cost, maximize the use of OEM components, minimize exhaust channel size, select injection system components that are compatible with water, and orient the engines for safe operation.

The objective of this project was to design, select and procure OEM and fabricated components, and begin assembly of a proof-of-concept prototype of a combined internal combustion-steam cycle cascaded cylinder engine.

The team selected a 135cc Honda and a 600cc Kohler single cylinder vertical shaft engines. To connect the cylinders, an exhaust channel was designed and fabricated. A wooden test stand was designed and constructed on which to mount the engines and all other prototype components. A two-bearing 6.5kW permanent magnet generator was selected to convert the mechanical power output of the engines to an electrical power output. A resistive load circuit was designed to dissipate the power output of the generator and allow measurement of output current and voltage. A chain and sprocket drive system connects the engine drive shafts to facilitate power transmission and cylinder synchronization. A closed-loop water supply system was designed to deliver high pressure water for injection. A Husky 1500 psi water pump and a Bosch gasoline direct injector were procured for this system. The progress made by this team constitutes a sizable portion of the final product. The next Voisin Breadboard team will have the opportunity and the challenge to continue improving and developing this prototype.

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