Apparatus for Tool Assembly and Disassembly

Photo of Alan Kwok, Paul Lee, Nicholas Mojica, and Kevin Wilkinson Students: Alan Kwok, Paul Lee, Nicholas Mojica, and Kevin Wilkinson

Sponsor: Baker-Hughes, Inc.

Date: Spring 2013

The system chosen must adhere to the requirements and constraints determined by Baker Hughes. Baker Hughes requires that the system apply a minimum force of approximately 5,000 lbs. The system must accommodate completion tools up to 30 feet long and have a continuous stroke range of 12 ft. The system should be designed for ease of alignment and assembly. The system must also provide a means of recording the assembly force exerted on the sand control components during assembly. The system must adhere to all OSHA regulations, must be mobile in the shop environment and must be adaptable to different environments.

A sand control tool is commonly used in the extraction of oil and gas. Each sand control tool designed by Baker Hughes consists of two components. The components are pipes that are dimensioned such that the inner pipe fits concentrically into the outer pipe. The inner pipe has features on the surface of the pipe that require a large force to assemble the sand control components together. The current method of assembly is unsafe for the operators and leads to recordable incidents. The design team is responsible for designing a device or system that will assemble the sand control completions tools safely and quickly while minimizing the risk to tool damage.

The solution developed is called the Mechanical Grip Plates assembly system. This system uses inner and outer grip plates that clamp to respective inner and outer pipes. The outer grip plate is attached using a chain vise,while the inner grip plate is attached using an adjustable clamp vise. A manual winch installed on the outer grip plate draws a wire rope wrapped around a large pulley installed on the back of the inner grip plateand attached to the opposite side of the outer grip plate. Operating the manual winch spools the wire rope on its drum, pulling the outer and the inner grip plates together. The device includes features to ensure alignment in the horizontal and vertical directions.

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Photo related to Apparatus for Tool Assembly and Disassembly project
Photo related to Apparatus for Tool Assembly and Disassembly project
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