Automated Pressure Test System

Photo of Andrew Muller, Noah Paick, Joseph Walker, and Sean Williams Students: Andrew Muller, Noah Paick, Joseph Walker, and Sean Williams

Sponsor: Applied Research Laboratories

Date: Spring 2013

Our template for the new design of the pressure testing system must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for ARL approval. o Pressurize smoothly to 1,000 psi in less than 2 minutes o Depressurize to atmospheric in less than 2 minutes o Match target pressure within 20 psi o User friendly interface o Measure pressure accurately in real time o Multiple independent safety layers o Withstand 1,000+ psi o Pressure vessel independence

The goal of this project is to solve the problems which cause inaccuracy and inefficiency in the current pressure testing system used at Applied Research Laboratory (ARL).

The project consisted of into two main tasks: selection of components and development of the control system. The required components for selection were a pump, air valves, water valves, a back pressure relief valve, emergency devices including an emergency valve, stop switch and stop button, a pressure sensor and data acquisition for the control system. The control system was a model of the system created in LabVIEW which predicted the behavior of the water in the system by modeling each component in the system. The modes of the program emulate the stages of filling, emptying, pressurizing, depressurizing and maintaining pressure.

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