Senior Design Projects

Development of a Testing Protocol for Glass Window Failure under Thermal Loading

Sarah Mladenka (Team Leader), Walter Romero, Chris Yeldell

spring 2011

Design of a Sensor System and Software to Predict Aero-Thermal Ablation

Rob Fromm, Christof Van Der Schyf, and TJ Weaver

spring 2011

Passive Grasping Device for Glovebox

Zach Lebovitz, Sam Lema, and Josh Salas

fall 2011

Design and Fabrication of Wheeled Adjustable Robotic Arm Stand

Nicolas Pantoja, Robert Jimenez, DJ DuBose

fall 2011

Automatic Transfer System for Neutron Irradiation Test Bed

Robert Liu, Isidro Mendoza, Christopher "Adam" Soch

fall 2011

Design and Fabrication of Mobile Platform for Pavement Surface Texture Profiler

Michael Pratte, Jeffrey Stasyszen, Lyndon Zvonek

fall 2011

Seasonal Thermal Energy Storage for Under-utilized Wind Energy

Austin Anderson, Casey Nolan, and Chris Varela (Team Leader)

spring 2010

Design of a Commercial Scale Algae Pond Cover System

Mario Bueno, Gary Richardson, Brent Waggener

spring 2010

Design of an Algae Photobioreactor

Stephen Kunkel, Daniel Schmid (Team Leader) and David Townsend

spring 2010

Remote Sampling System for EPA Emissions Testing

Travis Brown, Daniel Cihak, Charles Lien

spring 2010

Cam Phasing System for the Formula SAE Racecar

Kevin DeGarmo, Jakub Jodlowski, Samuel Kutscha

spring 2010

Expansion of the Formula SAE On-board Computer Control System

Ross Hogan, Justin Hrbacek, and Trey Vickery

spring 2010

Sump System to Reduce Oil Pressure Loss in a Formula SAE Vehicle

Jaime Medrano, Chelsey Purvis, Justin Trainor

spring 2010

Automatic Temperature Control for Formula SAE Engine Dynamometer

Alex Duncan, James Durand, Mike Vu

spring 2010

Computer-Controlled Cam Phasing System for the Formula SAE Engine

Troves Gilbert, Emaad Ismail, Sean Persons (TL)

fall 2010

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