Senior Design Projects

UT Formula SAE Drag

Chisom Agada, Will Choi, Nida Kahn

fall 2009

Performance Modeling of the 2010 Formula SAE Racecar

Kenneth Evans, Daniel Pry, Geoffrey Simmons

fall 2009

Development of Throttle Performance Model for the Formula SAE Engine

Andrew Erchinger, Fraser Jones, Team Leader Collin Luft

fall 2009

Development of an Automatic Transmission Model

JamesLee Fabian, Monique Messman, and Ryan Phillips

fall 2009

Design of Support Platform for the Spectral MD Imaging System

Mitchell George, John Allison, Matt Tanner

fall 2009

Semiconductor Fabrication Energy Model

James Babyak, Jose Romero, Genevieve Turco

fall 2009

Design of Drive-By-Wire Throttle Control System

Kevin Gentry, Tyson McKinney, Bret Schneider

fall 2009

Towards Zero-Energy Buildings: A Protocol for Calculating Building Loads

Chris Pettit, Thomas Saller, Hunter Wright

fall 2009

Assessment of Ground Loop Performance in Texas

Dave Gramlich, Dylan Smith, and Sam Van Metre

fall 2009

Development of a Proof-of-Concept Model for an Exhaust Gas Reuse Internal Combustion Engine

Evan Segal, Jarrett Threlkeld, and Steven Zamora

fall 2009

Exhaust Cascaded Reuse for Internal Combustion Engines

Ian Bartonico, James Ekdahl, and Kyle Sommerfeld

fall 2009

Design of a Mobile Workstation for the Launch and Retrieval of UUVs

Robert Abney, Andrew Kragas, Chris Mericle, Sara Norris

summer 2008

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