Mechanical engineering is the focal point for design and manufacturing of components and systems ranging from automobiles to computer chips. The manufacturing and design option prepares students for leadership in this important field.

Faculty Advisor: Carolyn Conner Seepersad,

Industry Applicability

This certificate program area is appropriate to prepare mechanical engineers for jobs in industry that deal with one or more of the following:

  • Design Engineer working to develop new products or refine existing products
  • Manufacturing Engineer working to improve and maintain the production and manufacturing process of various products
  • Systems Engineer working to ensure their system is designed, implemented and integrated well into the total operation of either a manufacturing process or company

Required Courses (choose three)

E S 277K Proj Dev Underserved Commty (PUC, 2 semesters)
M E 350 Machine Tool Operations for Engineers
M E 350R Robot Mechanism Design
M E 359 Materials Selection
M E 372J Robotics and Automation
M E 374D Automotive Engineering Laboratory
M E 375K Production Engineering Management
M E 379M Engineering Entrepreneurship
M E 379M Solid Freeform Fabrication
M E 379M Statistical Methods in Manufacturing
M E 379M Theory/Design of Mechanical Measurement
M E 379M Racecar Engr & Proj Management
Approved engineering and natural science electives

Required Project Class (choose one)

M E 377K Projects in Mechanical Engineering
M E 397P Projects in Mechanical Engineering

For course descriptions visit the University Catalog.

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