CET research focuses on advancing clean energy technology at every stage, from energy storage such as fuel cells and rechargeable batteries to the enhancement of solar energy with an emphasis on the development of new materials and advanced nuclear fuel cycles, as well as efficient manufacturing processes, system integration and control, testing and design of components at both the microscale and system levels, and analysis of off-design and transient behavior.

The MSI thrust is focused on the scientific development of intelligent machines, building on the breakthroughs and discoveries associated with computer technology. The research aims to merge robotics with other complex systems (including aircraft, automotive, biomedical, and manufacturing) to reduce human drudgery and to enhance the relationship between man and machine.

Nano and Micro-Scale Engineering comprises Department of Mechanical Engineering faculty and their research groups who investigate fundamental mechanical science and engineering at the micro- and nanoscales. Current topics of investigation include nanomanufacturing, nanomaterials, nanophotonics, nanoscale thermal/fluids transport, and micro- and nanoelectronics. Research in this area has significant impact on energy, manufacturing, information technology, medicine and life sciences.

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