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Nuclear Engineering donor, Graham George. Photo by Dr. Sheldon Landsberger

Nuclear Engineering donor, Graham George. Photo by Dr. Sheldon Landsberger

Graham George, President and CEO of Enviroklean Products Development, Inc. (EPDI) of Houston, Texas, presented a $25,000 check to Professor Sheldon Landsberger to be used in the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab (NETL). EPDI does environmental cleanup of radioactive wastes from the oil and gas sector through its Midland office. NETL has been involved in helping EPDI in analyzing the radioactive waste products to conform Texas and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations.

George has been working with Landsberger and NETL for several years in the area of environmental cleanup and feels the collaboration effort has been beneficial to his company. "We are honored to be associated with Dr. Landsberger and the Nuclear Engineering Teaching Lab. Our continued research and donations are to help educate and possibly find solutions to the multiple contaminants that are found in everyday water supplies" stated George. The check was presented to Landsberger at a Houston luncheon in late December.

George has had an interesting and varied life living in Europe and The United States. Originally from London, he left school at 15, where he won a scholarship with Ford Technical Institute in London to study mechanical engineering. He then traveled through Europe working as an entertainer in Germany for nine years and then in Spain for several years. At age 32, he returned to the engineering world working and studying Corrosion and building and selling a manufacturing company. In 1998 George developed a formula which converted acid to an environmentally friendly state. His current company cleans up equipment and decontaminating land which frees it from contaminates such as radioactive waste which can occur from oil and gas exploration. George and Landsberger have co-written two papers on the characterization of radioactive material from the oil and gas fields in West Texas.

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