Coursework is offered by DS&C Area faculty in a wide variety of topics pertinent to Dynamic Systems & Control. These courses are categorized as Core Courses and Additional Courses. In addition to these courses, there are a number of Supplemental Courses offered within other areas of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and through other departments. Courses not listed on this page may also be acceptable in a program of study. All courses must be approved by the student's thesis/dissertation supervisor, thesis/dissertation committee, and the chair of the graduate studies committee. The Dynamic Systems & Control Area also offers Undergraduate courses in the Undergraduate Technical Option Area in Mechanical Systems & Design.

DS&C Area Core Courses

The following are core courses for study within the DS&C Area. Graduate students are expected to understand the material covered in each. These courses serve as the basis for the written Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Each course is offered once annually.

  • Dynamic Systems & Control
    • ME 344: Dynamic Systems & Control

Additional DS&C Area Courses

The following are courses regularly offered by faculty within the DS&C Area and may be used in a program of graduate study for DS&C Area students of Mechanical Engineering. Most of these courses are offered either on an annual or biennial basis. However, a few are offered at less regular intervals; please check the Official UT Online Course Schedule to determine when a particular course is offered.

  • Analysis Of Mechanical Systems
    • ME 383Q Topic 10: Modeling and Simulations of Multienergic Systems
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