Coursework is offered by BME Area faculty in a wide variety of topics pertinent to Biomechanical Engineering. These courses are categorized as Core Courses and Additional Courses. In addition to these courses, there are a number of Supplemental Courses offered within other areas of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and through other departments. Courses not listed on this page may also be acceptable in a program of study. All courses must be approved by the student's thesis/dissertation supervisor, thesis/dissertation committee, and the chair of the graduate studies committee. The Biomechanical Engineering Area also offers Undergraduate courses in the Undergraduate Technical Option Area.

BME Area Core Courses

The following are core courses for study within the BME Area. Graduate students are expected to understand the material covered in each. These courses serve as the basis for the written Doctoral Qualifying Exams. Each course is offered once annually.

  • Topics In Biomedical Engineering
    • ME 385J Topic 1: Cell and Tissue Anatomy and Physiology for Engineers
    • ME 385J Topic 2: Organ System Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology for Engineers
    • ME 385J Topic 3: Bioelectric Phenomena
    • ME 385J Topic 4: Electrophysiology of the Nervous System
    • ME 385J Topic 5: Cardiovascular Dynamics
    • ME 385J Topic 9: Laser-Tissue Interaction: Thermal
    • ME 385J Topic 10: Biomedical Application of Transport Phenomena
    • ME 385J Topic 11: Biomedical Engineering Hospital Interfaces
    • ME 385J Topic 12: Biomedical Heat Transfer
    • ME 385J Topic 13: Molecular Recognition in Biology and Biotechnology
    • ME 385J Topic 15: Biosignal Analysis
    • ME 385J Topic 16: Laser-Tissue Interaction: Optical
    • ME 385J Topic 17: Biomedical Instrumentation II: Real-Time Computer-Based Systems
    • ME 385J Topic 18: Biomedical Image Processing
    • ME 385J Topic 19: Neuropathophysiology / Prostheses
    • ME 385J Topic 20: Network Thermodynamics in Biophysics
    • ME 385J Topic 22: Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
    • ME 385J Topic 23: Optical Spectroscopy
    • ME 385J Topic 26: Therapeutic Heating Modalities
    • ME 385J Topic 27: The Biotechnology Revolution and Engineering Ethics
    • ME 385J Topic 28: Noninvasive Optical Tomography
    • ME 385J Topic 29: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering
    • ME 385J Topic 30: Introduction to Biomechanics
    • ME 385J Topic 31: Biomedical Instrumentation I
    • ME 385J Topic 32: Projects in Biomedical Engineering
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