Rube Goldberg 2010 Video Transcript

This year's goal of our Goldberg Machine is to pump hand sanitizer into your hand. This will be done by our final step which is a a windmill that turns an Archimedes screw. Our machines starts with a vibrating cow table which sends a stampede of cows down the ramp, bumping over the water tower. The water tower sends water down the log chute into the tank. As the tank fills up, our cart release raises, and our little logging cart drives down, knocking out the support to our little mining whatever that is. Anyways, it drops out, our ball goes down the shaft into the catch bucket. The catch bucket is a counterbalance for a our crane. When the crane lifts, it turns on our train. The train goes around the tracks. The railroad station knocks a ball off down into a chute, which flips a switch. The switch turns on the oil derrick, which pumps water up into our oil in the sky chute. And the and ball goes up, the lever goes down, dropping another ball, the same thing in reverse. Then the marble goes down the chute, hanging the three convicts, causing the Longhorn Stage Line to go down the ramp, knocking a support out of our giant arrow which shoots the guy off his little platform and releases our hot air balloon. As the hot air balloon goes down, it turns our little inertia wagon wheel which will, in turn, drop the support out from under our bird which will fly down into our cactus, causing cactus dominoes, which will flip on our air source, which will turn the windmill and pump hand sanitizer. [background noise, explanation ends.]